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Rainbow 6: Vegas Tournament guide.

Rainbow 6: Vegas Tournament

A helpful template for you to run your own Tournament!

GRAW Co-op Tournament guide.

GRAW Co-op Tournament page

This includes the results from the July-September 2006 Tournament as well as a gude to run your own!

Table of game variations for GRAW.

GRAW Game Variations 43 KB

This includes full details on how to set up the games. Includes such things as Mogadishu Siege, Smear the Liberal, Sniper Siege, Delta Force Siege, STFU Siege, Colonial siege...and much much more. Check back for more gametypes to be added later. Make sure you hit a "refresh" to make sure you have the current version.

Notes on the weapon list including a description of the accuracy calculations

Explanation of accuracy and notes on the weapon list 12 KB

Don't understand the weapon list tables? Confused by the accuracy numbers? Want some detailed notes? This is for you.

Comments on Spawn Killing in the Ghost Recon Series

Comments on Spawn Camping 12 KB

Tired of Spawn Camping? Tired of people crying about Spawn Camping? This is for you.

Improving Your Game

download 184 KB / 19 pages

Here is a document I put together that discusses various information related to improving your game, including:

  • General Tips
  • Team Communication
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Team Organization
  • Game Variations

Ghost Recon Aiming

Ghost Recon Aiming Explanation 12 KB

An explanation of how Ghost Recon's aiming system is different from other video games.

Playing to Win

Articles listed in the order they were published. Not sure of that, but I think this was the order.
  • Playing to Win Part 1
  • Playing to Win Part 2
  • Playing to Win Part 3
  • Playing to Win Part 0
  • Play to Win Example
  • Here are a series of articles on playing to win. They are written by Serlin and may just change your perspective on gaming forever. I suggest you check them out.

    Team Communication

    download 16 KB / 4 pages

    A discussion on communication and its importance during game play.

    Stopping Power Example - Updated September 21, 2005

    download 12 KB

    An example of how stopping power is determined for the weapons, now includes the SCAR-L CQC SD.

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