I am new to Ghost Recon.

Please give me some advice!

Players that are just starting to play Ghost Recon games often find it difficult to learn and improve. There are so many little nuances to the game new players have a thousand questions. Many players know they like the game but find that the large knowledge gap they have (compared to a veteran) simply retards the learning process. These players should look no further. If they follow these steps they will be up with the veterans in no time.

If you are having trouble understanding how the aiming system works for Ghost Recon, then check out the Ghost Recon Aiming Explanation

Step #1 - Play the single player game until you master the following. These are essential items you need before you can learn about the game at an accelerated pace. Do you understand:

  • controller button uses and functions
  • team commands
  • how the compass works
  • how accuracy works and what the pips mean
  • movement and stance differences
  • how the weapons are different from each other
  • the topographical features and characteristics of each map

Step #2 - Check out the "Weapon List" for the game you are playing. This will help you discern differences without having to spend hours with each weapon. Return to this document often as you will understand the more you play the game with each kind of weapon.

  • Check out the "Weapon List" section to understand the differences
  • Questions like "What is the best weapon in each class" and "what is the best gun" can be answered by players reviewing the chart and trying the weapon in game
  • Experienced players will use the chart to see how their weapon compares to others in order to find...
  • ...weaknesses of their weapon of choice
  • ...strengths of their weapon of choice
  • ...the downside to selecting a certain weapon for a characteristic (Example: if a player selects an MP5 Silenced what weaknesses will the player have?)
  • ...what weapons might be better suited for how they play
  • ...what weapons TO AVOID and which are among the best

Step #3 - Check out the "resources" section. This will teach you game nuances without having to spend hours learning by trial and error. Come back to this document often as you will understand more of it each time you read it.

Step #4 - Once you have these game basics now you are ready to play online. I suggest you play a slower game like Siege or "Last Man Standing with No Respawns" since these games are slower and more conducive to learning.

  • Play with the first rifleman weapon or the first sniper weapon before you start experimenting. Get a good base before you try new things.
  • Remember to review the "Improving Your Game" document and the "Weapon List" section from time to time since more of it will make sense to you as your game knowledge grows.

Step #5 - Build a fun and successful long-term experience by gathering a great friend list.

  • One of the major keys to enjoying this game long term is avoiding rooms full of complete strangers. If you can build a list of friends that enjoy the game for the same reasons you do, you will have hours of fun.
  • If you do find a great "host" that runs a good room with a good connection, respectfully ask if you can add them to your friend list. Respectful mature friends will generally lead you to other quality players. Hosts that fit this description will lead you to quality players every time.
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