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Suppressors are Legal Brochure

  • This is a handy brochure to keep in your range bag if someone asks you a question about suppressors...or for your local shop, class 3 dealer, or gun club to distribute.
  • This brochure should not be left behind "unsolicited" and is best served if handed out personally on a one-on-one basis. Do not leave on public boards like your school, church, Starbucks, rest areas, government buildings, Wal-mart or other public posting areas. It should also not be left behind at clubs, gun shops or other businesses when the owner and/or manager has not been asked for permission to do so. This brochure is not a general public service announcement, it is a tool that should be utilized properly and responsibly.

    Remember when you handle this brochure you have an obligation to represent the community of firearms and suppressor owners in a positive manner. Please pause and consider that perspective each time before you use this brochure.

    The brochure Works great to keep handy if you get questions from law enforcement, range instructors, or local dictators that are uninformed about the law. The NFA hotline phone number is shown on the inside of the brochure for those with more technical questions.

    Persons interested in suppressor ownership should do their own research on local, state, and federal laws. This brochure is general in nature and is not legal advice nor does it express any conclusions, opinions, or findings on laws and regulations. Please seek the advice of a qualified Class 3 dealer or attorney that specializes in firearms laws for more detailed information.


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    High-quality PDF for printing shops to use (March 31, 2010)

    Detailed PDF.

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