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Here is some information about me. Additional information and some great links are shown below as well.

Age: Old enough to know better.

Occupation: Kind of like a cross between an actuary and a car salesman...only I don't sell cars or calculate loss projections.

Where from: Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh

Married/Kids: Sorry ladies, taken.

What I do with my time: Church, business and business trips, audio books, shooting (at paper targets on a firing range)...

Favorite Quote: Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.- 1 Corinthians 13:1

Why did you do all this work? When Ghost Recon came out for XBOX in 2002 it struck me as a great game. I was very intrigued by the design of a game that did a great job of approximating accuracy. Not every weapon was the same mind you, but there was a balance between the weapons that I found very refreshing. At any rate, I quickly found that I wanted to understand how the weapons were different, mainly to find the best weapon for me.

Therefore I compiled a listing that included magazine capacity, rate of fire, and some other factors. Very quickly I discovered it was a good idea to "measure" the accuracy of the weapons. They clearly were not all the same. I did some trials and found the best test for determining the difference. Eventually I figured out that the scope magnification was also very important to me. This lead to measuring the stabilization and recoil factors. Before I knew it I had several people helping me gather the data and expand the analysis.

The more time I spend online and talking to people on various forums I found that the game is enjoyed by many mature gamers. Unfortunately some of those gamers "gave up" or "quit" as a result of the game having some learning barriers. Other gamers I found enjoyed and understood the game, but were getting sick of being "schooled" by younger players that had gathered and disseminated tactics and tricks. This motivated me to write the guides in the "resources" section, especially the "Improving Your Game" guide.

Ghost Recon was something I enjoyed thoroughly. Through these projects I found an unintended dividend of helping other gamers improve their experience. I hope this improvement expanded the number and qualtiy of mature gamers playing Ghost Recon...and thereby improved my own game experience. Let's hope it continues for years to come.

Ick's XBOX Gamertag

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The Ick Mole

The Ick Mole

Ick's preferred method of transportation

Triumph Speed Four. Mine has the seat cover removed for a passenger as well as a rack above the tail section. At 600 cc it is just enough power to get in trouble but not enough to go 150 mph. GREAT handling for a sports bike, many sports bikes tend to be a challenge to control.

You can tell a lot about a guy from his friends

FutileDr Death is one of my best friends. Unfortunately for me he has resulted in a poor source of single gals. We need to get him to work on that. Anyhow, he has the distinct ability to be an absolute pain in the ass when he is your adversary in an online game. Case in point: Handlebars. Handlebars has been on the receiving end of Futile's SAW so many times that it prompted him to produce this reward poster.

Ghost Recon Favorite Places

Here are some great Halo related sites

...and some other items I find to be very handy or amusing:

borgBOB's Songs

Here are several Ghost Recon related songs (with video) by a guy presently known as borgBOB. They are pretty amusing if you ask me.

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