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September 20, 2006

I had the opportunity to run a GRAW Co-op tournament with a bunch of members. The tournament consisted of 8 missions. The overall premise was to provide as "real" of an experience as possible throught the various settings available in GRAW. Below are the results of that tournament.

Here (2 page) are the results of the tournament as it progressed and the schedule for the Champion Challenge. Next Monday is time for revenge. Tournament Points and Schedule for Champion Challenge

Details (3 pages) on all sorts of items I tracked. This is really extensive. Almost everyone appears somewhere on this list. Tournament Statistics

Here (5 Pages) are each person's results from the missions: Tournament Mission Details

Summary (2 pages) of each team's results. Shows each team's points and kills to death ratio. Tournament Team Summary

Here (1 page) are the awards given for the tournament. Tournament Awards. Includes some embarrassing awards!


Here is the PDF of the GRAW Co-op Tournament Guide. If you require the Microsoft Word Document drop me a note via email at

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